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AWS re:Invent 19


CMP411 - Accelerate your C/C++ applications with Amazon EC2 F1 Instances

Date: Wednesday, December 4
Time: 11:30AM – 1:45PM
MGM, Level 3, Premier Ballroom 312

Amazon EC2 F1 OpenCL development workflow helps software developers with little to no FPGA experience to supercharge their applications with Amazon EC2 F1. Join us for an overview and demonstration of accelerating your C/C++ applications in the cloud using OpenCL with Amazon EC2 F1 instances. In this workshop, we walk through the development flow for creating a custom hardware acceleration for a software algorithm. You get hands-on and creative by optimizing an algorithm for maximum acceleration on Amazon EC2 F1 instances.

MFG405 - Launch a turnkey scale-out compute environment in minutes on AWS

Date: Thursday, December 5
Time: 12:15 PM - 2:30 PM
Aria, Level 1 East, Joshua 8

The elasticity of the cloud puts virtually unlimited compute capacity at our fingertips, and it can enable companies to quickly scale up in ways they couldn't before, which helps them get results faster. In this workshop, you deploy an AWS reference implementation that provides a full-stack, dynamic computing environment that includes a web UI, a workload manager, remote desktops, directory services, analytics dashboards, and budget management.


IOT306 - Designing secure IoT solutions from the edge to cloud

Wednesday, December 4
Time: 10:45AM - 11:45AM
Venetian, Level 4, Marcello 4403

Thursday, December 5
Time: 1:00PM - 2:00PM
Bellagio, Grand Ballroom 5 Black

Friday, December 6
Time: 11:30AM - 12:30PM
Mirage, Events Center B2 Red

Connected devices constantly communicate with each other and the cloud using wireless communication protocols. This communication can expose security vulnerabilities and channels for malicious actors or data leaks. To protect users, devices, and companies, IoT devices must be secured and protected. In this session, we cover the technology and security best practices to continually evaluate your attack surface, analyze threat impact, and act on potential threats to your IoT devices, connections, and the data they generate. Learn how to use AWS IoT to keep data secure, restrict access to devices and cloud resources, securely connect to the cloud, and audit device usage.

Chalk Talk

CMP314 - Accelerate applications using Amazon EC2 F1 FPGA Instances

Date: Monday, December 2
Time: 4:00PM – 5:00PM
Aria, Plaza Level East, Orovada 3

Amazon EC2 F1 instances with field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), combined with optimized cloud-based FPGA programming tools, provides researchers, application developers, and startups with a well-tested, standardized, and accessible platform for custom hardware-accelerated computing. In this session guest speakers dive deep into how they are using F1 instances to meet their custom hardware acceleration needs.


Demo Title Description
Accelerated Apps and Libraries for F1 Today AWS hosts the largest number of FPGA Accelerated Computing Applications. At re:Invent 2019 Xilinx will showcase leading AWS EC2 F1 instances use cases including network security, database analytics, genomics, machine learning and video and imaging.
Sagemaker NEO + Xilinx Overview of how to use Amazon Sagemaker NEO to easily deploy deep learning models to AWS EC2 F1 Instances, Xilinx Alveo cards and Xilinx edge devices.
Xilinx AI Edge Deployment using Sagemaker Neo Xilinx has been working with AWS IoT to showcase our seamless edge to cloud collaboration and AI inference proficiency. The demonstrator builds on the power plant reference design announced at re:Invent 2018. It consists of an AWS Greengrass certified development board ZCU104 running Xilinx’s DPU at the edge. On the cloud, Sagemaker Neo is used to train a machine learning model, compile it for the DPU running on ZCU104 and then stored in secure storage (S3 bucket) ready for deployment. ZCU104 can pull the model into the DPU on demand running the latest machine learning model while all real-time and deterministic functions run uninterrupted at the edge.

Booth Information

Xilinx Booth #3709
Sands Expo (Expo Hall)
Las Vegas, NV

Monday, December 2
Welcome Reception: 4:00PM – 7:00PM

Tuesday, December 3
10:30AM – 6:00PM

Thursday, December 5
10:30AM – 4:00PM