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Booth Highlights

Visit us in booth #A15 to see the following demonstrations and more.

Compute Platform
Alveo U280 Accelerates RocksDB with Eideticom NoLoad

  • RocksDB acceleration using Eideticom’s NVMe-based Computational Storage Processor (NoLoad™)
  • Optimized AMD/DellEMC server achieves better performance, cost and power by offloading key tasks
  • NoLoad™ API integrated into RocksDB software stack

Storage Platform
Samsung Smart SSD Accelerates Tableau Data Analytics with Bigstream SparkML

Booth Information

Xilinx Booth # A15
March 14 | 11:00am - 6:00pm
March 15 | 10:00am - 5:00pm
San Jose Convention Center
San Jose, CA

Conference Participation

Xilinx will be presenting in the below sessions.

Executive Track:
Xilinx Advances in Data Center Acceleration Solutions
Thursday, March 14 | 2:40 PM – 3:05 PM
Room 210 DH

It is an exciting and busy time to be offering acceleration solutions for data center use cases.  Not only is the explosion of data overwhelming the compute capacity of traditional CPU-based clusters, but also the lesser known slowing of Koomey’s Law leads to decreased power efficiency over time.  Xilinx and its partners are revolutionizing the data center by providing adaptable, high performance and power efficient solutions for compute, storage and network acceleration.  In this presentation, we will highlight available and deployable solutions for the data center, both in the cloud and on premises, enabled by the Xilinx Alveo portfolio of acceleration cards as well as our growing ecosystem of hardware and software partners.

Xilinx Alveo Adaptable Acceleration Solutions for the Data Center
Thursday, March 14 | 1:50 PM – 2:05 PM
Expo Hall Stage

Heterogeneous computing in the data center is here to stay.  What the hyperscale cloud service providers have popularized with FPGA-based solutions is now available to everyone.  Xilinx is revolutionizing the data center by providing adaptable, high performance platforms for workload acceleration.  See what Xilinx has up its sleeve with its new Alveo acceleration cards as it reveals an expanded set of application partners and use cases.  Then come see us at our booth for live demonstrations.