Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)


Many new functions of next-generation vehicles, like advanced driver assistance, require a greater need for the ability to sense and perceive what’s happening around the vehicle in all driving conditions. The Xilinx Automotive (XA) portfolio is currently deployed in an array of production-ready advanced sensing technologies including cameras, radar, and LiDAR.


Market Projections for ADAS



Global demand for automotive cameras
by 2026


Forward Camera forecasted
by 2024
(Strategy Analytics)


Short-mid- and long-range radar produced
by 2024
(Strategy Analytics)

Forward Camera


Xilinx is a leading global silicon supplier


Forward cameras are a critical element of ADAS and automated driving (AD) because they provide the advanced sensing capabilities required for vehicle perception, control, and path planning. Image processing within forward camera, whether based on computer vision (CV) or neural networks (NN), can all be processed by our scalable XA Zynq® UltraScale+™ MPSoC platform. Key product features include:

- Custom, differentiated hardware accelerators tightly-coupled with application software in a heterogeneous processing environment
- Comprehensive functional safety to meet OEM requirements
- Scalable Deep Learning Processing Unit (DPU) for advanced AI perception with ultra-low latency processing

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Application Processor
- 32-bit
- Dual/Quad-Core

Memory Subsystem
- High Bandwidth
- Low Latency

Video Codec
- 8K4K (15fps)
- 4K2K (60fps)

Real-Time Processors
- 32-bit Dual-Core

Graphics Processor
- ARM Mali-400MP2

Platform & Power Management
- Granular Power Control
- Functional Safety

Fabric Acceleration
- Customizable Engines
- High-Speed Connectivity

High-Speed Peripherals
- Key Interfaces

Configuration & Security Unit
- Anti-Tamper & Trust
- Industry Standards

Forward Camera Success Stories


Subaru Selects Xilinx to Power New-Generation EyeSight System


Integrated into the all-new Subaru Levorg, the new EyeSight system will provide advanced features including adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist and pre-collision braking, putting best-in-class safety technology into the hands of consumers.
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3D Surround View Camera


Automatic park assist (APA) and automated valet parking (AVP) features require surround view capabilities for low-speed driving situations. The XA portfolio powers multiple generations of surround view systems, and continues to address the industry’s integration of sensor configurations through our scalable portfolio. Xilinx – along with our ecosystem partners – creates silicon and IP solutions such as hardware-based video warping acceleration which enables efficient, low latency distortion correction for fisheye lenses, perspective projection, and the simultaneous stitching of multiple video frames.


Surround View Success Stories


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Baidu Apollo ACU-Advanced AVP Press Release >


Motovis APA Press Release >



Next-generation imaging radar sensors target the integration of short/mid/long range performance into a single sensor module to support a variety of ADAS and AD features. To support this radar integration, the XA Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC platform is highly scalable and offers functional integration features including sensor fusion and AI perception. Additional advantages of the platform include:

- Digital Signal Processing (DSP) slices which enable complex signal processing of radar data
- Parallel processing within the Programmable Logic that delivers optimal performance and enables the fully independent, yet simultaneous processing pipelines
- Adaptable hardware architecture that enables end product differentiation with complete IP ownership, enabling system designers to stay aligned with evolving ADAS/AD feature requirements

Radar Success Stories


Xilinx and Continental Collaborate to Create Auto Industry’s First Production-Ready 4D Imaging Radar for Autonomous Driving


Xilinx powers Continental’s new Advanced Radar Sensor (ARS) 540 with the Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC platform, creating the automotive industry’s first production-ready 4D imaging radar. The collaboration enables newly-produced vehicles equipped with the ARS540 to realize SAE J3016™ Level 2 functionalities and will pave the way toward Level 5 autonomous driving systems.

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Xilinx devices bring tremendous value to LiDAR sensor architectures because of our capability to enhance advanced signal processing, point cloud pre-processing, and point cloud machine learning acceleration. Our devices are used in an array of LiDAR architectures – explore our LiDAR customer ecosystem below for more details.

Ouster’s line of 128-channel digital multi-beam flash LiDAR utilizes Xilinx devices equipped with image processing and advanced DSP capabilities to produce rich point cloud images.
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  • Image data is transferred via GTH transceivers within Programmable Logic (PL) that enable high-speed connectivity and data transmission
  • Partitioning between software and associated hardware acceleration functions using the high bandwidth connectivity between the processing system and PL allows for parallel processing, reducing clock speed and power dissipation
  • Advanced DSP capabilities produce rich point cloud images with depth, signal, and ambient data used for high resolution for object detection, zero centimeter minimum range for maneuvering in close quarters, and high precision for 3D mapping

Headquarters: USA

Type of LiDAR: Scanning, Solid-state, Multi-beam flash

Xilinx Product Family: Zynq-7000


  • Ouster uses an all-semiconductor design, dramatically simplifying the sensor’s architecture to make it cheaper, smaller, and more durable - without sacrificing performance
  • Can capture ambient light, allowing it to capture 2D images (like a camera) using only the LiDAR sensor

Headquarters: USA

Type of LiDAR: Scanning, or Hybrid Solid-state

Xilinx Product Family: Zynq-7000


  • Solid hybrid design to achieve balance of visibility, Field of View (FoV), and frame rate, while achieving automotive grade reliability
  • Strong believer in sensor fusion to achieve L4 and beyond

Headquarters: USA

Type of LiDAR: FMCW 3D imaging, Solid-state, Scanning

Xilinx Product Family: Zynq Ultrascale+ RFSoC


  • Silicon photonics chip level integrated optical engine built from the ground up for 3D imaging, complemented by FMCW ranging
  • Enables high performance at low cost, power, and form factor

Headquarters: Australia

Type of LiDAR: Spectrum-Scan™

Xilinx Product Family: Zynq-7000


  • Spectrum-Scan is a software-defined LiDAR, giving the user full programmatic control over how the vehicle sees by changing the LiDAR resolution, FoV and focus of attention on-the-fly
  • Spectrum-Scan LiDAR provides inherent protection against interference through the unique use of multiple light wavelengths. This creates multiple filters for rejecting interference from sunlight or other LiDAR

Headquarters: Canada

Type of LiDAR: Solid-state flash

Xilinx Product Family: Zynq Ultrascale+ MPSoC


  • Phantom Intelligence digital processing technologies greatly improve the detection, reliability, and range of conventional analog LiDAR for more confidence in threat assessment
  • Unique IP licensing model for automotive LiDAR and sensor fusion

Headquarters: Germany

Type of LiDAR: Solid-state, Scanning, MEMS, 905nm

Xilinx Product Family: Zynq Ultrascale+ MPSoC


  • Proprietary silicon MEMS mirror technology specifically developed for LiDAR applications to provide high resolution, long detection range, and a wide field of view
  • Targeted at automotive-grade performance with the cost and size needed for the mass market

Headquarters: China

Type of LiDAR: Mechanical, Solid-state MEMS & Flash

Xilinx Product Family: Zynq Ultrascale+ MPSoC


  • High resolution Solid-state LiDAR for automotive usages
  • Smart LiDAR system with the LiDAR HW and AI perception algorithm SW

Headquarters: China

Type of LiDAR: Solid-state Scanning

Xilinx Product Family: Artix®-7 and Zynq-7000


  • Successfully achieved full interference rejection, and the technology has become a standard production feature since August 2018
  • Of the 62 companies in California with self-driving car test permits, over 1/3 are Hesai’s customers

Headquarters: China

Type of LiDAR: Solid-state

Xilinx Product Family: Zynq Ultrascale+ MPSoC


  • Designed for real, autonomous-grade reliability
  • The most competitive performance thus far in MEMS LiDAR

Headquarters: China

Type of LiDAR: Solid-state, LiDAR Distance Sensor, Long Range Solid-state

Xilinx Product Family: Spartan®-6


Headquarters: China

Type of LiDAR: Navigation, Mapping

Xilinx Product Family: Spartan-6, Kintex®-7


Headquarters: China

Type of LiDAR: Mixed Solid-State LiDAR (TDC + APD)

Xilinx Product Family: Zynq-7000


  • Hardware level image fusion in LiDAR module, pre-fusion of LiDAR point cloud + Camera image data.
  • Laser measurement points correspond to multi-pixel units, and multi-dimensional fusion information data stream is packaged and output.

Headquarters: Israel

Type of LiDAR: Semiconductor-based Solid-state Scanning

Xilinx Product Family: Zynq Ultrascale+ RFSoC


  • True solid-state with no moving parts; semiconductor-based
  • Ultrafast scanning with 1000 FPS raw data

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