High Resolution Video and Graphics

Xilinx Automotive platforms provide the flexibility and scalability to support a wide range of high resolution video and graphic systems required in today’s sophisticated instrument clusters, LCD/TFT messaging centers, driver assistance camera views and heads up displays.

Xilinx Automotive products are ideal for high resolution video and graphic systems required in these displays with:

  • Video bridging, integrated processor, system controller and other critical functions on a single device
  • Scalable architecture for control over a varying number and types of displays without changing base silicon
  • Independent video/display hardware from application processor boot  for quick start up 
  • Lower NRE costs than semi-custom ASSP/ASIC solutions
  • Complete reference designs and hardware design platforms available to accelerate time to market

Existing Infrastructure compared to Xilinx Solution

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Unlike traditional multi-chip systems, Xilinx Automotive single-device platforms greatly reduce BOM cost and increase system performance through programmable systems integration.


Hybrid Instrument Cluster Targeted Design Platform

The Xilinx Automotive Targeted Design Platform for hybrid, reconfigurable and head up display(HUD) instrument cluster display applications integrates stepper motor control of analog gauges, graphics control for digital displays, and support for multiple LCD/TFT and HUD displays and camera-based image processing.