In-vehicle Infotainment (IVI)

Xilinx automotive solutions enable the transition from basic consumer device integration to fast, reliable, safe and secure in-vehicle communication.


Xilinx automotive solutions provide the performance for high-bandwidth and low-latency communication and the flexibility to quickly adopt new communication or security standards. Devices of the XA product family can act independently as a complete system-on-chip, or as a companion chip to an ASSP, microcontroller, or DSP device. Integrating vehicle network connections with audio/video processing acceleration or graphics subsystems on a single Xilinx platform creates a cost-effective, application-specific solution.

Design Examples Description Device Support

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Connected Gateway

  • Use ARM A53s for system control functions
  • Run hypervisor on A53 to separate user connectivity from mission critical vehicle functions
  • Use PL to implement tailored gateway functionality interfacing to various networking technologies
  • Add additional safety or security functionality
Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC

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Head-unit Companion Chip

  • Allow bridging between sensor and application processor interfaces
  • Use hardware accelleration in PL of offload application processor
  • Add additional safety or security functionality
  • Implement simple glue logic in the PL for bug fixing
Artix-7 / Spartan-7 FPGA


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