In-vehicle systems’ complexity increases as carmakers and tier-1 suppliers’ innovation evolves. Our Xilinx Automotive (XA) platforms lead the transformation of the in-vehicle experience for both drivers and passengers in a range of systems including infotainment and driver information, as well as driver monitoring systems (DMS) and in-cabin monitoring systems (ICMS) – delivering safety and reliability for all in-vehicle applications.  

in-vehicle experience for both drivers and passengers

Proliferation of Driver and In-Cabin Monitoring Systems



In-car cameras projected per car
by 2025


Cameras forecasted for DMS
by 2024
(Strategy Analytics)


Penetration rate of drowsiness detection systems
by 2025
(Strategy Analytics)

Driver and In-Cabin Monitoring Systems


Xilinx is the #1 global silicon supplier

face tracking, head and eye tracking image

Driver monitoring systems (DMS) actively monitor the driver’s state of attentiveness and engagement in real-time using vision-based and infrared sensors. Efficiently processing this sensor data for production-ready vehicles requires an adaptive computing platform. The XA Zynq®-7000 and Zynq UltraScale+™ MPSoC platforms’ hardware accelerators tightly-coupled with application software are able to efficiently detect and analyze:

- Head pose and orientation
- Eyelids
- Eye gaze
- Pupils
- Emotions

- Attentiveness
- Sunglasses
- Scarves
- Face masks

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In-Cabin Monitoring Systems (ICMS) quickly and accurately identify vehicle occupants’ identity, emotions, gestures, and preferences in real-time to enhance safety and comfort within the vehicle. The XA Zynq-7000 and Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC platforms can adapt to any sensor configurations, including multiple vision-based, infrared, and radar sensors throughout the interior of the vehicle. Supported features include:

- Multi-face detection
- Number of occupants
- Occupant location
- Occupant biometrics
- Seatbelt detection
- Pet detection
- Child seat detection

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Child in a safty seat sleeping

The adaptability of the XA Zynq-7000 and Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC platforms aligns with the continued evolution of computer vision (CV) processing methods and neural net (NN) algorithms, which are utilized to interpret real-time tracking data and then translate the data into actionable elements. As these methods evolve, our adaptive hardware and software platform keeps your system design ahead of the curve.



Head-unit Connectivity and Acceleration Chip


Integrating various infotainment features by providing:

  • Video splitting with dual view display capability
  • Flexible, integrated IOH hub
  • Multi-path video routing
  • Video standard bridging
  • Integrated rear camera video with fast start up
  • Integrated vehicle communications processor

Driver Information

Augmented Reality HMI Solution


From wide-angle heads-up displays to augmented reality for driver assistance and navigation, the XA portfolio enables an integrated design approach that can decrease BOM cost and development time. XA advanced capabilities include:

- Multi-path video routing
- HUD controller
- Rear camera support with fast start up
- Integrated vehicle processor
- Bridge video standard

showing heads up display on the vehicle windshield

In-Vehicle Success Stories


Daimler’s MBUX Interior Assistant

You can experience our technology first-hand in the new Mercedes-Benz GLE and CLA models

MBUX Interior Assistant:

  • AI-based gesture input system, powered by the Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC platform
  • Data-flow based AI engine avoids storing data to reduce latency
  • Recognizes the occupants’ natural movements so the vehicle can predict driver and passenger requests
  • Distinguishes between driver and passenger gestures
  • Reacts to body language to automate comfort functions

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