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Xilinx programmable platforms for routers and switchers support many channels of audio and video, saving rack space and increasing channel density compared to legacy equipment. Delivering the highest quality, real time-video processing with minimal latency for applications such as live events is essential. Power consumption is also a key concern, especially in large-scale, multi-rack systems where thermal management is a factor for broadcasters and pro AV installers alike.

Xilinx devices enable router and switcher designers to create the highest quality multichannel real-time audio and video processing systems with dense high-channel count switch matrices, meeting energy efficiency requirements. Xilinx enables flexible and scalable system designs that meet a wide array of video algorithm and connectivity requirements, such as UHD-SDI and HDMI, addressing evolution to faster frame rates, deeper color, higher dynamic range and higher pixel counts in both the broadcast and pro AV markets.

AV routers and switchers designed with Xilinx solutions can be configured and scaled in a variety of ways for different use cases, from simple 8 x 8 routers for a small installation with a 1 M/E deck, all the way up to 1152 x 1152 routers in major broadcast facilities with multiple 1 M/E through 4 M/E switcher decks.

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Routers & Production Switchers

  • IP cores and class leading transceiver technologies for baseband video/audio interfaces and IP transport protocols, enabling any-to-any connectivity
  • Real-time broadcast quality multichannel video processing at 4K and beyond
  • ARM® processors for system management and audio processing


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