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Balance Software and Real-Time Hardware Processing for Video Servers


Broadcast servers are specialized systems that must be tuned to deliver the best performance for real-time news and sports events.  Production and replay servers, digital cinema servers, playout & transmission servers, and storage servers are some examples of broadcast server products.

Aspects like media management on a server can be easily relegated to pure software.  However, media processing applications that deal with video traffic are intensive and require the performance capabilities of FPGAs to process and route traffic through high performance transceivers.

The advent of 4K/UHD and 8K content has significant implications on the ability of broadcast servers.  Xilinx’s portfolio of broadcast-proven video IP (e.g. 12G SDI) and high-performance FPGA & MPSoC portfolio offer industry-leading bandwidth, performance and power consumption benefits to broadcast server customers to create a scalable platform that can tackle the most complex video server loads.

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Servers & Storage

  • ARM® processors for offloading host CPU
  • Transceiver technologies supporting Ethernret, PCIe and ingest AV interfaces such as SDI, HDMI and DisplayPort
  • Hardware acceleration for video processing, encode/decode and logo insertion


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