AV over IP

Media over IP Framework Supporting the Transition to IP Networks


The broadcast and Pro AV worlds are migrating to IP networks. Broadcasters are attracted by the significant reduction in costs associated with using commodity Ethernet and IP-based infrastructure rather than expensive broadcast-specific routing and cabling, as well as getting access to plentiful IT engineers compared to relatively few broadcast engineers, and the ability to virtualize connectivity into software defined networks and cloud adoption enabling a shift from capex to opex.

However, there aren’t many standard ways to transport media over IP. ST 2022 is defined for aggregating multichannel uncompressed SDI in contribution and compressed MPEG-TS in distribution but doesn’t offer synchronization or bandwidth management. IEEE AVB was defined for local area networks and provides synchronization, low latency and QoS, but is suffering through lack of ubiquitous 10GbE switches to support the standard (although they are appearing now). With pros and cons to both standards, many are creating proprietary techniques for transport over IP but this creates interoperability concerns. However there is growing momentum for the emerging ST 2110 standard, using ST 2022, RFC4175, RFC3190 and a draft RFC for ANC data for encapsulating media as separate essences on the network, along with IEEE 1588-based ST 2059 for timing and synchronization, and AMWA/NMOS software-based control and flow management around the network.

Xilinx FPGAs and SoCs not only provide the ideal bridge between existing and new, but also a programmable and scalable platform that will adapt to emerging technologies and standards to enable and accelerate the adoption of IP networks for media transport.

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AV over IP

  • Partner solutions for ST 2110, ST 2022 and ST2059, plus audio over IP with Dante/AES67
  • IP cores for baseband video and Ethernet for multichannel any-to-any connectivity up to 8K UHD
  • Mezzanine, intra-frame and long-GOP codecs for compressed streams over 10Gb and 1Gb Ethernet
  • ARM® processors for system level control and software differentiation


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