Processing and Analytics

Spanning a broad spectrum of applications, AMD Technologies provide real time processing and analytics for time-critical applications involving data acquisition, processing, analysis and response. Providing an ideal mix of software intelligence and hardware optimization, AMD Technology, with an emphasis on the Zynq UltraScale+ MPSOC family provides an ideal platform that combines real-time communications with high performance processing.

These applications include:

  • Advanced Driver Assist (ADAS) for real-time analysis and decision in collision avoidance systems
  • Smart Grid for substation automation control - with requisite nanosecond synchronization to prevent power grid brownouts
  • Smart Manufacturing with demanding precision time critical control for Motor and Motion Control to Avionics in guidance system for real time trajectory corrections
  • Smart Medical with video and voxel analytics required for real time tissue identification, and spatial geometric overlays to accurately analyze internal tissues, organs and bones.

Only AMD provides a flexible, standards based solution that combines software programmability, real-time processing, hardware optimization and any-to-any connectivity with the security and safety needed for Industrial IoT systems. AMD SDAccel™, SDSoC™, and Vivado High-Level Synthesis enable customers to quickly develop their smarter, connected, and differentiated applications.

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