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Silicon Architecture

Xilinx SoCs and FPGAs power intelligent and adaptive assets in clinical environments over medical lifecycles at the lowest total cost of ownership


Xilinx powers the Smart Clinical and Diagnostic Medical through the strong platforming capacity and hardware determinism of its SoCs and FPGAs. Embedded and application software development is rightfully attributed to drive the overwhelming cost of Healthcare-IoT enabled systems, therefore the value of a flexible, scalable, futureproof embedded HcIoT edge platform to leverage the software investment is high.

The unique capacity to mix programmable software intelligence with programmable hardware determinism in a single chip differentiates Xilinx from other silicon architectures and leads to reduced complexity across medical product lines, increased capability to adapt to the pace of the Healthcare Internet of things, and improved time-to-market. Hardware determinism in Xilinx programmable logic isolates critical control timing and other operational technology (OT) functions from the often-unpredictable behaviors of network communication, cybersecurity-related activities and other processing in the information technology (IT) domain.

Xilinx silicon products have typically exceeded published 15 years lifecycle expectations and are designed to support industrial, automotive, and military temperature ranges. With a transparent approach to quality and long-term reliability documentation, Xilinx is the choice for Healthcare IoT edge platforms for both customers and ecosystem partners alike.

Furthermore, with programming models that support software and data science programming languages and tools such as C, C++, Python, Labview, Matlab Simulink, and others in addition to traditional HDL languages and approaches, it is no surprise that Xilinx is recognized for dominating the Industrial IoT.*

Common Silicon Architectures for Industrial IoT and Vision Applications


Zynq UltraScale+

Heterogeneous MPSoC

SoCs with Hardware and Software Programmability


I/O Optimization with the Highest Performance-Per-Watt


Cost and Transceiver Optimized FPGA


Best Price/Performance/Watt at 28nm

Kintex UltraScale+ Best Price/Performance/Watt at 16nm

*Part of the Cost-Optimized Portfolio

Solution Stack

Some Industrial IoT products need all elements of the Xilinx IIoT Solution Stack, all need some. The Xilinx IIoT Solution Stack is comprised of optimized Xilinx and Ecosystem building blocks and solutions used across Industrial IoT platforms. Starting from scratch is never something you will have to do with a Xilinx-based Industrial IoT system. Minimize development time and cost and maximize design reuse on your next Industrial IoT platform by exploring the different elements of the Xilinx IIoT Solution stack.