Xilinx Partner Program

The Xilinx Partner Program is a worldwide ecosystem of qualified companies who offer Acceleration solutions, IP cores, Design Services, and Board development and production. Ecosystem Partners help system designers in the rapid integration of Xilinx FPGAs, SoCs, 3DICs, intellectual property, and software defined solutions. They offer proven products and expert design support from chip level to full turnkey product development, which accelerate time to production of complex electronic systems.

Featured Partners


UC Berkeley chooses Zipcores for AI

The University of California, Berkeley, has chosen Zipcores' FMC-DSP Mezzanine card for their cutting-edge research into machine learning using photonics.

DornerWorks, Ltd.

Accelerate Your ML Deployment

Get a custom shell project ready for your Machine Learning algorithm and guidance on using Vitis to deploy it.


S2C S7-19P Prototyping System

192M ASIC gates with quad VU19P - Boost productivity & performance with new partition engine and complete prototyping solution



Available Programs

Xilinx Ecosystem Partners have the ability to promote their company and proven solutions on Xilinx.com. Partners are provided development tools to increase productivity and solution development. We offer extensive training and Certification courses to all Ecosystem Partners.



Premier Partner

Premier Alliance Partners engage in a strategic business relationship with Xilinx, meet the highest level of qualification, and provide a proven level of expertise to key customers worldwide.

Certified Partner

Certified Alliance Partners have met vigorous training requirements, maintain a deep understanding of Xilinx technology, and offer a high level of technical expertise to global customers.

Alliance Partner

Alliance Member Partners provide proven services and product development to Xilinx customers in various markets and regions around the world.

Accelerator Partner

Accelerator Partners engage in a strategic business relationship with Xilinx and offer high performance solutions which perform faster than CPU.



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Legal Disclaimer:

“Products and/or services provided by Alliance Program Members are sold or licensed solely by the Member and not Xilinx. Please be advised that Xilinx hereby disclaims any warranties, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or noninfringement with respect to any such products and/or services.”