inrevium Diplay Port 1.2 FMC card

The DP1.2 FMC card is designed to provide 1x Sink and 1x Source with the connection between FMC (HPC) connector. It could expand up to 2x Sink, 2x Source by using expansion connector. The DP1.2 FMC card consists of TI's Redriver IC SN65DP159RGZ which support up to 5.4Gpbs. This card should be used with AND Display Port IP.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Display Port 1.2 Standatard
  • Sink/Source x 1 port each
  • Working with AMD Diplay Port IP
  • Please contact AMD for reference design

What's Included

  • Display Port 1.2 FMC card
  • Spacer set

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