Xilinx Premier Members offer the highest level of market and technology specific expertise and pre-qualified solutions delivered through Xilinx Targeted Design Platforms. Premier Members go through a stringent certification process to ensure that their products and services are optimized to streamline the customer's product development cycle and reduce design risks.

To be selected into the Premier Member tier in the Xilinx Alliance Program, these companies have passed an exhaustive 320-point on-site audit from Xilinx covering business processes, technical competency, product quality, and supportability. Xilinx Premier Members annually refresh Certification training to ensure they have the most updated knowledge on the latest technologies from Xilinx.

Beyond Certification, Xilinx collaborates closely with Premier Members at the engineering level to apply specific Xilinx design methodology and techniques targeted at their products and services to best take advantage of Xilinx technology for our mutual customers.

Optimize your experience by working with the Premier Members of the Xilinx Alliance Program and jumpstart your design today.