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InAccel Accelerated Machine Learning

Product Description

Accelerate your Apache Spark applications using Logistic Regression, K-means and alternating-least squares.

AML is InAccel's accelerated machine learning library. It aims to maintain the practical and easy to use interface of other open source frameworks, i.e. of Apache Spark, and at the same time to accelerate the training part of machine learning models. Right now AML hosts all the required libraries to train your Logistic Regression and KMeans models, but it will be getting updates regularly adding support for more algorithms and features.

  • Acceleration vs CPU: 15

Key Features and Benefits

  • Logistic Regression: up to 10 classes and 784 features
  • KMeans: up to 14 clusters and 784 features
  • Zero code changes
  • 2x Lower Cost
  • 3X-12X Speedup
  • Accelerate your applications based on Logistic Regression, KMeans, Alternating Least Squares (ALS)

Cloud Solution

  • AWS

On-Premises Solution

  • Alveo U200

Supported Workloads

  • Machine Learning