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Real-Time AI Video Analytics for Smart City Applications

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Learn how Tencent utilized Aupera’s IoT solution to monitor, control and manage 5000+ connected devices and reduced their band bandwidth costs by 90%. Download the case study now to learn more.

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Learn how to deploy Aupera’s real-time AI video analytics solution for your Smart City, Smart Building or Smart Retail application. Attend our on-demand webinar to learn more.

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Try out Aupera’s Video Machine-learning Streaming Server (VMSS) software application for free in the App Store.

The future of public safety is video AI analytics.

Video analytics applications built to protect human life, health and property are the future of public safety.

These applications demand real-time, deterministic, low latency performance. Performance just not possible with GPU or CPU-based architectures.

Aupera Video AI analytics platforms, powered by AMD, meet strict requirements for applications including Smart City, Smart Retail, Smart Buildings and Industrial Safety at the absolute lowest hardware investment.

Key Features

  • Deterministic, sub-100ms low latency
  • 80% Reduced Latency on Video Analytics
  • Best-In-Class FPGA full pipeline accuracy
  • Adaptable framework for Edge, Cloud and data center deployments
  • Industry’s lowest TCO

Deploy anywhere.

Aupera’s AI video solution includes a full software stack that encompasses video gateway (video decoding/ encoding/ streaming & processing), ready-to-deploy AI models for inference acceleration, and a set of standard APIs for easy integration with an enterprise application or 3rd party software platform.

The solution can be deployed on the Edge, on the Cloud, or in a regional data center to cater to multiple workloads in Smart City, Smart Retail, Smart Hospital and Smart Building applications.

Aupera AI Video Solution

Smart video processing with VMSS.

Learn how the AMD Machine-Learning Streaming Server (VMSS) framework delivers deterministic, low-latency and low power video AI analytics applications. Download your free copy of our technical overview to learn how.

Test drive VMSS for free.​

Download the customized-Aupera VMSS software application from the AMD App Store and experience end-to-end pipeline acceleration for all your Smart City applications.

Superior performance. Industry's lowest TCO.

Sophisticated Smart City applications require high levels of parallel model processing and place huge demands on the hardware platform - exposing the inefficiencies of GPU-based architectures that cannot scale efficiently, driving up CAPEX and OPEX costs.

70% Faster Latency Compared to NVIDIA

Super End to End Latency image

29% Lower TCO Compared to NVIDIA

Industry-leading Low TCO image

Smart City Appliances available now

AUP 2601/V205

Aupera has two appliances to meet your needs: The AUP V205 Edge AI portable appliance and the AUP 2601 1RU server.

Stream AI

The Boston Stream AI Appliance is a 2RU server powered by AMD EPYC™ processors.

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