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> Accelerate Big Data Applications on Apache Spark™ up to 10X On-prem & Cloud

> Hyperacceleration Enables Fast, Easy Deployment with Zero Code Changes

> Enriched Analytics with Significant TCO Savings

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Take a technical deep-dive into how Bigstream leverages new advances in computational storage to deliver 10x Apache Spark performance.

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Learn how Bigstream Apache Spark acceleration on Xilinx stacks up against GPUs, in the cloud and on-prem. Attend our on-demand webinar to learn more.

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Discover the blazing performance of Bigstream Apache Spark acceleration with effortless turn-up on AWS.

Ignite Your Apache Spark Workloads

  • Hardware-accelerated Apache Spark performance with ZERO code changes
  • Lower TCO -  Instead of scaling out or scaling up, optimize your existing Apache Spark environment for superior performance
  • Enriched analytics -  Incorporate fuller data sets and more data sources by eliminating performance bottlenecks at the CPU
  • Eliminate CPU bottlenecks with Bigstream on Xilinx Alveo™ accelerator cards, on Samsung SmartSSD® Computational Storage Device or on AWS

Apache Spark and other data platforms need a new approach to scale and speed. Learn how the Samsung SmartSSD CSD can improve performance for key workloads in this eBook.

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Bigstream solves challenges with Apache Spark performance & cost with scalable hardware acceleration.


Bigstream accelerates whether you run Spark clusters on-premises or in the cloud

Accelerate Spark On-Prem 4.6X With SmartSSD CSDs

Get started today on-premises with Alveo accelerator cards or Samsung SmartSSD CSDs.  

Reduce Your TCO by 30% with Bigstream on Amazon EMR

Bigstream deploys effortlessly in the Cloud on Amazon EMR and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) F1 instances.

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