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Cyber Forensics Appliance

> 100X Faster Incident Response Time
> Search Petabytes of Data in Minutes

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The human brain reveals how to search data faster. Learn how Lewis Rhodes Labs has harnessed this intelligence with a giant leap forward in data search in this case study with Samsung Electronics.

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Lewis Rhodes Labs NPUsearch Cyber Forensics Appliance

Cyber forensics requires the ability to quickly search large, unstructured datasets to determine if there is prior evidence of a detected cyber-attack.

Data sets of unstructured data span many months to years and often contain multiple petabytes of data. Queries currently take days or even months to complete and do not cover the real- time need for actionable intelligence to address and remediate an attack.

The Lewis Rhodes Labs’ NPUsearch Cyber Forensics Appliance, accelerated by AMD, is a scalable, self-searching storage appliance with deterministic search times that are independent of dataset content, dataset size, or search expression complexity, reducing current search times of days or weeks down to minutes.


NPUsearch uses a novel neuromorphic processing technology integrated into storage to accelerate data search capability.

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Cost of a Data Breach


>$5.5 M

Cost of an average data breach for an enterprise with >25,000 employees


>300 days

Average time to detect and contain a data breach due to a malicious attack


>$1 M

Average cost savings of containing a breach in less than 200 days

Faster Detection. Faster Response.

Reduce Data Lake Search Time to Minutes – Not Days with Search-in-Storage

  • Regular expression search engine appliance optimized for anomaly detection
  • Requires no indexing
  • Fully scalable, deterministic, high resolution search
  • Decreased network, CPU, and I/O demands
  • Simple Python user interface
NPU Search Smart SSD
Storage Search Rate
Scan Time
Appliances  (#) (TB) (GB/s) (minutes)
1 24 96 65 <25
10 240 960 648 <25
100 2,400 9,600 6,480 <25

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NPUSearch Cyber Forensics Appliance

The NPUsearch appliance is based on a dual AMD EPYC 2U Rack server containing 24 Samsung SmartSSD® computational storage drives (96 TB storage) powered by AMD FPGAs. Multiple appliance racks provide capacity for petabytes of self-searching storage with a constant search latency of 25 minutes. 

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