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Reconfigurable Acceleration

Develop and Deploy Platforms at Cloud Scale

Apps and Libraries

Apps and Libraries

Category App or Library Vendor Acceleration vs. CPU Available On
Compression TAR.GZ Compression Accelize 25x AWS
Compression GZIP Compression CAST 25x AWS
Compression FPGA based GZIP compression Xilinx 2.3x AWS
Data Analytics GraphSim ArtSim 100x AWS
Data Analytics Fletcher: A framework to integrate FPGA accelerators with Apache Arrow Delft University of Technology N/A AWS
Data Analytics Ultra Fast Search and Replace for Data Analytics Axonerve
6000x AWS
Data Analytics Hadoop Map-Reduce Accelerator BigZetta 10x AWS
Data Analytics Low Latency Key-Value Store (KVS) Algo-Logic 100x - 1000x U200
Data Analytics BigStream Hyper-Acceleration Layer for ETL, Streaming Analytics, and SQL Analytics BigStream 2x - 30x U200
Data Analytics Search and Analytics Toolkit BlackLynx 90x U200
Data Analytics Elasticsearch BlackLynx 90x U200
Data Analytics World's Fastest Memcached Legup Computing 9x AWS
Data Analytics Deepgreen DB - Scalable MPP Data Warehouse Solution Derived From Greenplum Database Vitesse Data 86x U200
Data Analytics Spark-MLlib Random Forest Acceleration Xelera 25x U200
Data Analytics FPGA-Accelerated ML Suite InAccel 12x AWS, U200
Data Analytics Postgress Database Acceleration, execute existing Postgres SQL queries Xilinx 2x-3x AWS
Financial Computing Standard Initial Margin Model (SIMM) calculation Maxeler 10x - 50x U200
Financial Computing Real-Time Risk Dashboard Maxeler 100x U200, AWS
Financial Computing High Performance Monte Carlo Option Pricing Simulation Politecnico Di Torino 42x-540x AWS
Genomics Smith-Waterman Algorithm High-Performance Low-Power Lab N/A AWS
Genomics Accelerated Genomic Pipelines Politecnico di Milano N/A AWS
Genomics Circulare RNA idenfication acceleration Politecnico di Milano 1.7x AWS
Genomics NGS Reference Genome Assembly Deneb Genetics 100x AWS
Genomics DRAGEN Complete Suite - Ultra-rapid analysis of Next Generation Sequencing - Exome Edico Genome 90x AWS
Genomics DRAGEN Complete Suite - Ultra-rapid analysis of Next Generation Sequencing - Genome Edico Genome 90x AWS
Genomics Accelerated Genomics Pipelines Falcon Computing 10x U200, AWS, Huawei, Aliyun
HPC ProFAX: Hardware Acceleration of a Protein Folding Algorithm NECST Laboratory 1.6x AWS
HPC Bellman-Ford algorithm for solving single-source shortest paths (SSSP) Open-source N/A AWS
HPC Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) implementation Maxeler Technologies Inc. N/A AWS
Machine Learning Descartes Efficient Speech Recognition Engine (using LSTM) DeePhi 10x AWS, Huawei, Aliyun, U200
Machine Learning Neural Network Inference for image classification Mipsology 100x-500x AWS, U200, U250
Machine Learning Deep-Learning Inference with Binarized Neural Networks MLE 800x AWS
Machine Learning Unstructured Text Analysis Acceleration SumUp Analytics 100x U200
Machine Learning Machine Learning Suite for Inference (Tensorflow, Caffe and MXNet) Xilinx 10x AWS, U200, U250, Huawei, Aliyun
Math High Performance GEMM, SPMV Xilinx N/A AWS
Security FPGA Cloud Crypto Napatech N/A AWS
Security SHA-3 and SHAKE Hashing Function Silex Insight 6x AWS
Security Accelerated SHA-256 Uppsala University N/A AWS
Security TRNG - True Random Number Generator Secure IC N/A AWS
Security Hyperion 10G RegEx File Scan Titan IC N/A AWS, U200
Security AMI for Hardware-accelerated RSA Operations ZO Tech N/A AWS
Tools MaxelerOS AMI Maxeler Technologies Inc. N/A AWS
Tools FPGA Miner & Verilog Code for Mining (Tribus, Skunk, phi1612) Open-source N/A AWS
Tools OpenMP to FPGA Hardcloud.org N/A AWS
Tools Reconfigurable Engine for Automata Processing (REAPR) University of Virginia 100x AWS
Tools 5-point relative pose problem Politecnico di Milano 64x AWS
Tools Value Function Iteration Accelerator (VFI) Solutions for Economists N/A AWS
Tools DesignStart FPGA on Cloud: Cortex-M33 based platform Arm Ltd N/A AWS
Tools 3D Rendering, Digit Recognition, Spam Filter andFace Detection Cornell N/A AWS, U200
Tools Merlin C/C++ Compiler AMI Falcon Computing N/A U200, AWS, Huawei, Aliyun
Tools InTime Automated Optimization Software for FPGA Design Plunify N/A AWS
Tools Go Language to FPGA Platform reconfigure.io 100x AWS
Tools Visual Systems Integrator for FPGA and Embedded Development SystemView N/A AWS
Video and Image Processing VP9 Encoder - V01 NGCodec N/A AWS
Video and Image Processing HEVC Encoder - V01 NGCodec N/A AWS
Video and Image Processing R11F: Live broadcast quality MPEG-4 AVC/H.264  video encoder Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (IDT) N/A AWS
Video and Image Processing BMP to JPEG ALSE (Advanced Logic Synthesis for Electronics) 2x AWS
Video and Image Processing Image Processing Accelerator CTAccel 10x AWSU200
Video and Image Processing WebP Image Encoding, Optimized to enable faster and smaller images on the Web Xilinx 6.5x-14.2x AWS
Video and Image Processing FPGA Accelerated HEIF-to-JPEG Transcoder, HEVC Decoder Pathpartner N/A AWS
Video and Image Processing Interactive Expereince Engine Developer Edition Skreens 5x AWS, U200
Video and Image Processing Adaptive Bit Rate Video Transcoding Application Xilinx, NGCodec, VYUSync 10X U200
Accelerator Cards

Accelerator Cards

Boards Type
Xilinx Alveo Data Center accelerator cards Production Xilinx
Kintex UltraScale FPGA Acceleration Development Kit Developer Evaluation Xilinx
Advantech VEGA-4000 Production Advantech
Alpha Data ADM-PCIE-KU3 Production Alpha Data
Alpha Data ADM-PCIE-7V3 Production Alpha Data
Bittware PCIe Boards
COTS PEA-C8K0-040 Production COTS
Storage Acceleration Cards (NVMeoF) Production Fidus
Cloud-Based Acceleration

Cloud-Based Acceleration


Alibaba Cloud F2 Instances  
Available in China markets


Baidu FPGA Cloud Server
Available for beta in China markets


Huawei FPGA Accelerated Cloud Server (FACS)
Available for beta in China markets


Nimbix Alveo Accelerator Card Instances and Development Environment
Available worldwide


Tencent FPGA Cloud Server
Available for beta in China markets

Development Environments

Development Environments

The SDAccel™ development environment for OpenCL™, C, and C++, enables up to 25X better performance/watt for data center application acceleration leveraging FPGAs. SDAccel, member of the SDx™ family, combines the industry's first architecturally optimizing compiler supporting any combination of OpenCL, C, and C++ kernels, along with libraries, development boards and the first complete CPU/GPU like development and run-time experience for FPGAs. To learn more vist the SDAccel Zone.

Knowledge Center



Acceleration Resources  Description
Amazon EC2 F1 SDAccel Developer Lab Work through this self-paced tutorial where you will receive an overview of AWS F1 and SDAccel™ with step-by-step instructions on using Amazon EC2 F1 instances to accelerate your applications. In this virtual developer lab, you will connect to an F1 instance, experience F1 acceleration, and develop and optimize F1 applications with SDAccel.
FPGA Startup Gathers Funding Force for Merged Hyperscale Inference This article discusses FPGA-based architecture that targets efficient, scalable machine learning inference from startup DeePhi Tech.
ESE: Efficient Speech Recognition Engine with Sparse LSTM on FPGA FPGA2017 Best Paper winner for breakthrough results with a highly efficient FPGA-accelerated speech recognition engine achieving 43x the performance and 40x the performance per watt compared to a CPU; 3x the performance and 11x the performance per watt compared to a GPU.
Power-Efficient Machine Learning on POWER Systems using FPGA Acceleration This session provides an overview of how FPGA acceleration can enhance POWER systems for machine learning workloads such as image recognition.
Energy-Efficient CNN Implementation on a Deeply Pipelined FPGA Cluster This paper presents a deeply pipelined multi-FPGA architecture that expands the design space for optimal performance and energy efficiency.
From Model to FPGA: Software-Hardware Co-Design for Efficient Neural Network Acceleration This presentation discusses  the use of FPGAs and trends in neural network acceleration.
Baidu Takes FPGA Approach to Accelerating SQL at Scale This article discusses Baidu’s approach to big data challenges using FPGAs.
SDA: Software-Defined Accelerator for general-purpose big data analysis system This presentation discusses Baidu’s Software-Defined Accelerator for a general-purpose big data analysis system.
SDA: Software-Defined Accelerator for Large-Scale DNN Systems This article consists of a collection of slides from the author's conference presentation on the special features, system design and architectures, processing capabilities, and targeted markets for Baidu's family of software defined accelerator products (SDA) for large scale deep neural network (DNN) systems.
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