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XDF Beijing Presentations 


Speaker Company Title of Presentation Download PDF
Ravi Sunkavalli
HVP, DC & IP Design Solutions
Xilinx Converged IO Acceleration Platform  
Sumit Roy
Senior R&D Director, SDAccel, SDSoC, HLS
Xilinx Developing Computational Storage using SDAccel  
Dan Gibbons
VP Software Development
Xilinx Empowering Software Developers - Scaling FPGA Application Development  
Thomas Bollaert
Senior Director, SW Applications
Xilinx Fundamentals of FPGA based Acceleration  
Gopi Jandhyala
Deboleena Minz
Seong Kim
Sonal Santan
Xilinx Nuts and Bolts of Computational Storage  
Peter Frey
Principal Software Product Application Engineer
Xilinx Using SDAccel for Host and Accelerator Code Optimizations  
Sean Gardner
Marketing Manager, Cloud Video
Xilinx Video Acceleration in the Cloud Using FPGAs  
Peter Pan
Heterogeneous Computing Product Manager
Aliyun Aliyun Faas Platform Innovation and Application Scenario  
Zhe Cui
Senior Algorithm Researcher
Dilusense From Depth Perception to 3D Recognition  
Yuxin Wang
Sr. R&D Engineer
Falcon Computing Future of FPGA Compilation and Acceleration  
Junsong Wang
Research Staff Member
IBM AI for AI: Automatically Generate Deep Neural Network Accelerator in FPGA for Data-center and Edge  
Kirvy Teo
Plunify FPGA Design in the Cloud – Basics to Optimization  
Jun Zhang
PDT Director
Semptian Video Processing or Data Compression  
Feng Tian
Vitesse Data Deepgreen MPP with FPGA: A supercharged Greenplum Data Warehouse solution  

Data Scientist

Speaker Company Title of Presentation Download PDF
Rahul Nimaiyar
Director, Data Center IP Solutions
Kamran Khan
Product Marketing Manager, Lib and Software Acceleration
Xilinx Accelerating AI in Datacenters - Xilinx ML Suite  
Roy Liao
Aupera AI Power FPGA-based Video Transcoding for Real Time Applications  
Ivan Wong
VP and Co-founder
CTAccel API for Real Time/Dynamic Image Processing  
Hongwu Jiang
Research Director of Science and Technology Research Institute, Senior FPGA Architect
iFLYTEK Research and Application of FPGA in iFLYTEK  
Jianxiao Quan
Technical Deputy Director
SmartVSC FPGA Supercomputing System for Genomic Data  
Jim Wu
Lead Acceleration Engineer
Sumup Turbo-Charge Your Insight  


Speaker Company Title of Presentation Download PDF
Andy Luo
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Xilinx Machine Learning for Embedded Deep Dive  
Rob Armstrong
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Xilinx Using Machine Learning with SDSoC to Create Embedded Vision Systems  
Nick Ni
Director of Product Marketing, AI and Edge Computing
Yi Shan
Senior Director, AI Engineering & Former CTO of DeePhi
Xilinx Xilinx Machine Learning Strategies with Deephi Tech  
Zhenghua Yu
Co-founder & CEO
Motovis Embedded Deep Learning based Visual Perception for Autonomous Driving  
Ningyuan Mao
Technical Deputy Director
Yi Shan
Senior Director, AI Engineering & Former CTO of DeePhi
SenseTime Deep Learning for ADAS on FPGA  
Yu Wang
Tsinghua University Training on FPGA  

Embedded Software

Speaker Company Title of Presentation Download PDF
Lifeng Geng
Senior Business Developer Manager, Automotive and Embedded LoB
Simon George
Director, System Software and SoC Solution Marketing

Bringing the Benefits of Cortex-M Processors to FPGA  
Tony McDowell
System Software & SoC Solutions – Product and Technical Marketing
Xilinx Embedded Software Strategy + Development, an Introduction  
Stefano Stabellini
Principal System Software Engineer
Xilinx Heterogeneous Realtime SoC Software Architecture  
Forrest Pickett
Sr.SoC Solutions Line Manager
Xilinx Multimedia SoC System Solutions  
Glenn Steiner
System Software & SoC Solutions – Product and Technical Marketing
Xilinx RF Solutions with Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC  
Jerry Wong
System Software & SoC Solutions – Product and Technical Marketing
Xilinx SoC Platform Management  
Zhiyong Chen
Senior Technical Marketing Manager
Avnet Avnet Embedded Solution Platform and Design Support  


Speaker Company Title of Presentation Download PDF
Frederic Rivoallon
Marketing Product Manager
Xilinx Vivado HLS – Tips and Tricks  
Daniel E. Michek
Product Marketing Manager, HLx Desing Tools
Xilinx IPI Methodology  
Brian Lay
Product Marketing Manager
Xilinx Revision Control Methodology  
Balachander Krishnamurthy
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Xilinx RTL Synthesis Methodology  
Ron Plyler
Product Marketing, Vivado Implementation Tools
Xilinx Timing Closure Tips and Tricks  
Aaron He
Vice President
NovaStar 4K Display Control System Solution  
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