Processor Peripheral IP Evaluation

Evaluation versions of the LogiCORE™ IP listed below are included in the  Embedded Development Kit (EDK™) CD releases and associated EDK Service Packs. All fee-based EDK cores listed below are delivered in EDK with a Full System Hardware Evaluation license key built in. See the associated datasheet for full purchase license ordering information.

Embedded Processor IP

General Instructions for Processor IP

IP Evaluation license keys in EDK are pre-programmed with a 12-month evaluation period which starts from the official release date of your particular version of EDK. You can generate EDK systems containing these Full System Hardware Evaluation cores throughout the 12-month evaluation period. When programmed into an FPGA, the evaluation cores will operate for approximately 6-8 hours when running at the nominal clock frequency specified for the core.

To evaluate one or more of the cores above, simply:

  1. Make sure you have installed the latest version of EDK
  2. Download and install the latest EDK Service Pack from the  Download Center. Specify "EDK Service Pack" for the Download Type.
  3. For the XPS CAN core only, you must also contact your local Sales Office to request a Full System Hardware Evaluation License Key from your local FAE. When you receive the key, install it as directed by the instructions in the email you will receive.

After you purchase a license for the core, you will be able to generate a "Full" electronic license key for the latest released core version. Since the Full license key does not expire, installing it will enable you to generate new EDK systems containing the core version in question indefinitely. Systems containing the core generated with a Full license will not time out when programmed into an FPGA.

Ordering Information

Information on how to order any of the Processor Peripheral LogiCORE IP can be found by clicking the appropriate IP product page link in the list above, followed by the respective Order & Register link on the product page.