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Take a deep dive to learn how to stand up an Amazon EC2 VT1 instance based on the Alveo U30 which is equipped with the new Xilinx Video SDK that makes cloud-scale encoding fast, accessible, and simple to deploy.

Seamless Integration

Accelerate your streaming workflows with our turnkey software developers kit (SDK).  Access the tools, APIs, and high-level FFmpeg frameworks and start streaming in just one day. 

Real-time streaming for interactive, immersive content

Live-streamed video has become essential for work, health, education, and entertainment. Content creators are looking for new ways to engage, and streaming providers are desperately trying to keep up. Faced with costly scale-out deployments that drive up CAPEX and OPEX, streaming providers need a solution that delivers real-time streaming while managing total cost of ownership.

With a Xilinx RT Video Server appliance, streaming providers can now support millions of live user generated content (UGC) streams - no matter how big the audience - with the industry’s lowest cost per channel, highest density, and smallest footprint.

With a flexible, interchangeable architecture, the pre-assembled and configured appliances enable you to deploy on-prem or in the Cloud in as little as one day.

Built for performance & efficiency

  • Highest channel density at the lowest cost per channel
  • 112x1080p30 transcodes in real-time on a single appliance
  • HEVC, AVC, ABR scaling
  • Video resolutions from 128x128 to 3850x2160
  • Integrate FFmpeg seamlessly or your own proprietary framework via C/C++ API

Certified High Channel Density streaming appliances available now from Boston and Hypertech

You’re in the business to deliver content, not write code.

Take the guesswork out of accelerating your streaming applications and leverage the hardware-accelerated features of appliances based on Xilinx technology with our turnkey software developers kit (SDK). Quickly transcode your live video content with standards-based FFmpeg and get up and running in just one day. No FPGA experience necessary.

Or tap into the Xilinx™ Media Accelerator Library, a C-based API that enables you to integrate your own proprietary framework.

Explore all the tools and APIs you need to accelerate your streaming applications on GitHub



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User Guide









SDK kit

"….Xilinx’s FFmpeg transcoding works flawlessly. The SDK instructions were super straightforward. ~ MediaMonks"

Xilinx. Spend less. Get more.

Xilinx Alveo U30 accelerator cards handle the entire transcoding pipeline, including ABR scaling, reducing CPU requirements and increasing channel density -- reducing your total cost of ownership by 80%.

Competitors. Spend more. Get less.

Some video transcoding solutions can only handle decode and encode on the card itself and utilize highly inefficient and costly CPU resources for ABR scaling.​ This forces the deployment of a higher quantity of more expensive servers to handle a given workload, forcing TCO through the roof.


Up to 5X Faster Than CPUs


6X Lower Cost


Up to 5X Lower Power

Zero tradeoffs.

Competing GPUs allow you to do ABR scaling on the card – but you end up burning  cores –forcing you to lower your channel density, consume more power, and add more servers to your datacenter.

Xilinx-based appliances support up to 56 channels of 1080p60 and provide an 80% cost savings -- along with 1/10 the power and 1/4 the space.

Industry’s lowest cost & power, smallest footprint

footprint image

Hypertech-Ciara AP320 server comparison vs. NVIDIA T4 powered server

Experience the power and performance benefits only Xilinx-based appliances can deliver. At a lower cost.

Description Xeon Bronze 3104 @ 1.7GHz Xeon W-2145 @ 3.7GHz
# of cores / Threads 6 / 6 8 / 16
Price $223 $1,113
Power 85W 140W
Video Transcoding Using CPU Scaling
Throughput for ABR Ladder(s)*
4 x ABR ladder @ 53fps
(Utilizes 80% of cores)
CPU Cost per ABR Ladder = $223
Utilization per ABR Ladder = 1.2 Cores
4 x ABR ladder @ 60fps
(utilizes 6% of cores)
Xilinx – Throughput for ABR Ladder(s)*
8 x ABR Ladders @ 60fps
(Utilizes 34% of cores)
CPU Cost ABR Ladder = $27.87
Utilization per ABR Ladder = 0.75 Cores
8 x ABR Ladders @ 60fps
(Utilizes .6% of cores)

The choice is clear.  You can spend more for lower quality servers or get end-to-end 8x ABR scaling at 60fps, at a lower cost.

Certified pre-configured and pre-assembled RT Server-based appliances available now from our Value-Added Reseller Partners

Boston Stream RT and RTv

Boston Stream RT and RTv

Ciara-Hypertech AP320

Ciara-Hypertech AP320

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