Defense-grade Virtex-6Q LXT FPGAs

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Optimized for high-performance logic and DSP with low-power serial connectivity, Virtex®-6Q LXT defense-grade FPGAs deliver 6.6Gbps GTX transceivers and built-in PCIe® and tri-mode Ethernet MAC blocks that help meet higher bandwidth and performance demands with less power.

Defense-grade Virtex-6Q LXT FPGAs Benefits

  • High-speed logic fabric enhanced with twice as many flip-flops as previous generation Virtex FPGAs for pipelined designs
  • Higher ratio of DSP48E1 slices to support high-performance DSP
  • Higher ratio of block RAM enables data buffering and supports the requirements for DSP
  • 25% lower power consumption: <150mW (typ) at 6.6Gbps
  • Up to 36 GTX transceivers in a single FPGA
  • Highly flexible clocking enables independent Rx and Tx operation to effectively double the number of transceivers available for certain applications
  • Obtain assured compliance with popular standards such as 10/40/100G Ethernet, PCI Express,OC-48, XAUI, SRIO, and HD-SDI
  • Second-generation integrated PCI Express blocks and third-generation Tri-mode Ethernet MAC blocks make it easy to implement popular interfaces
  • Accelerate development with connectivity kit for Virtex-6 FPGAs
  • ChipSync™ source-synchronous technology makes it easy to meet the toughest timing requirements for industry-standard and custom protocols
  • Reduce power with dynamically controlled three-statable digitally controlled impedance
  • Built-in support for DDR3 memory
    • Write leveling
    • Dynamic clock inversion control
    • Low jitter performance path clocking
  • Memory Interface Generator tool makes it easy to build reliable interfaces to the latest high-performance memories, including DDR3 and DDR2 SDRAM, QDR II+ SRAM, and RLDRAM II

Virtex-6Q FPGA Features

Features LXT SXT
40nm ExpressFabric™ architecture with 6-input LUTs
System monitor and analog-to-digital converter
Third-generation sparse chevron packaging technology
Enhanced configuration and bitstream protection
600MHz clock management tiles (2 MMCM)
600MHz block RAM (1,000Kbits)
1.40Gbps SelectIO with ChipSync technology
6.6Gbps GTX transceivers
11.18Gbps GTH transceivers
PCI Express ( PCIe ) Endpoint/Root Port blocks
Ethernet Media Access Controller blocks
600MHz DSP48E1 slices

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