Automotive-grade XA Spartan 6 FPGA Family

Xilinx Automotive (XA) Spartan 6 FPGA Family are the newest generation of automotive-qualified devices from AMD, based on the commercial Spartan 6 FPGA family. Built on proven low-power 45nm, 9-metal copper layer, dual-oxide process technology, XA Spartan 6 FPGA meet stringent automotive device-level requirements.

  • Extended temperature range support for Automotive I Grade (Tj = -40°C to +100°C) and Automotive Q Grade (Tj = -40°C to +125°C)
  • RoHS compliant, Pb-free packaging
  • Enhanced IP security with AES and Device DNA
  • Greater OS support with embedded MicroBlaze™ and MicroBlaze V processors with MMU and FPU

XA Spartan 6 FPGA Family Benefits

  • Up to 75,000 logic cells
  • Integrated PCI Express® blocks
  • Dual-register 6 input LUT logic structure
  • Multi-voltage, multi-standard SelectIO™ technology banks for low cost HSTL and SSTl memory interfaces
  • Clock management tiles, each consisting of 2 DCMs and 1 PLL
  • Up to 1000MHz clocking
  • Up to 8 low power 3.125Gbps GTP serial transceivers for real-time high bandwidth video throughput
  • Integrated memory controllers supporting access rates up to 800Mbps for fast buffering of video frames
  • Low-power 250MHz DSP48A1 slices with 18x18 multipliers for real-time video processing
  • High speed interface support for maximized multi-camera connectivity
  • High speed serial performance for minimized wiring and board space requirements
  • Integrated endpoint blocks for industry standard interfacing with host processors

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