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8.1.01.p01 System Generator for DSP - Release Notes/README


This Answer contains the Release Notes for System Generator for DSP 8.1.01.p01.


Patch Installation Instructions

1. Before you install this patch, ensure that the following are installed on your machine: 

- ISE 8.1i Implementation tools and Service Pack 2 from Xilinx 

- IP Update #1 for ISE 8.1i 

- System Generator for DSP 8.1.01 

- R14.1, R14.2, R14.3, or R2006a from MathWorks 

2. Download the "" file to a temporary directory (e.g., C:\Temp). 

3. If you have any MATLAB sessions open, close them and restart MATLAB. (Do not open any designs during the patch install.) 

4. In the MATLAB command window, enter the following to start the installation process: 


> cd C:\Temp 

> xlInstallIP(''); 


Follow any prompts from the GUI. The files are installed into your System Generator for DSP 8.1.01 for installation. The version information is updated to reflect the installation of the patch. 


5. Restart MATLAB. 

6. To check the version information, enter the following in the MATLAB command window: 

> xlVersion 


Patch Fixes 

Why are the DSP48 Macro Reset and Clock Enable ports swapped? See (Xilinx Answer 23292)


Known Issues 

For System Generator for DSP 8.1.01 Known Issues, see (Xilinx Answer 23243)

For System Generator for DSP 8.1.01.p02, see (Xilinx Answer 23355)


For System Generator for DSP release notes from other release versions, see (Xilinx Answer 29595).

AR# 23293
Date 05/20/2014
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