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AR# 24004

8.2.01 EDK - The TEMAC Loopback test generated by the BSB for the ML410 board reports "Test Failed"


The TEMAC Loopback test generated by the BSB for the ML410 board reports "Test Failed".


ML410 8.2i TestApp_Peripheral

Starting with EDK 8.2i SP1 Base System Builder (BSB) can be used to generate an ML410 design that contains a hard_temac peripheral. The BSB generated TestApp_Peripheral code used to perform a quick TEMAC loopback test needs to be changed to use the production ML410 PHY address.

In the file xtemac_example.h, perform the following edit:

Change From:

#define TEMAC_PHY_ID 0


#define TEMAC_PHY_ID 7

For additional information regarding the PHY address settings for the ML405 and ML410 see (Xilinx Answer 23948)

Also add the usleep(1000000); function call to the "xtemac_example_util.c" source file as illustrated below:


Status = XTemac_PhyWrite(TemacInstancePtr, TEMAC_PHY_ID, 20, PhyReg20);

Status |= XTemac_PhyWrite(TemacInstancePtr, TEMAC_PHY_ID, 0, PhyReg0 | PHY_R0_RESET);

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AR# 24004
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