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ZC702 - The SD card might need to be re-imaged in order to boot


If the ZC702 does not boot from the SD card, or you encounter problems with the TRDthis can be due to the directory structure of the SD card.


The SD card provided with the ZC702 might need to be re-imaged if any of the following behavior is encountered:

  • The TRD does not boot correctly, or there is no output from the TRD when booting from the SD card.
  • The SD card image files are located in a folder named "sd_image" rather than individually located in the root.
    It might be the case that some SD cards with the ZC702 have all of the SD image and Linux files in a subdirectory ("sd_image") off the root.
  • The SD card part number on the plastic bag it is provided in is labeled as "1080129-01".

If any of the above is noted, simply copy the contents of the sd_image directory directly into the root of the SD card.

This involves copying the contents of the sd_image folder onto the primary partition of the SD card (formatted as FAT32) using an SD card reader.

In order to run the Base Targeted Reference Design for the ZC702, the files in the SD card should match the list below:

  • BOOT.bin
  • devicetree.dtb
  • zImage
  • ramdisk8M.image.gz
  • qt_lib.img
  • sobel_cmd
  • sobel_qt
  • zynq.png

For more information on booting Linux from SD, please refer to the Zynq-7000 EPP Concepts, Tools, and Techniques Guide (UG873):

Additional information can be found in the Zynq-700 EPP ZC702 Evaluation Kit Getting Started Guide (UG926):

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