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14.1 Zynq - PL power-off support (independent from PS) on the ZC702 board


Can I power-off the PL while maintaining the PS functionality on the ZC702 board?


No, this is not possible on ZC702 boards (rev. C, rev. D, rev. 1.0 and 1.1)

The Zynq-7000 EPP split power domain scheme provides you with the flexibility to save power by using the programmable logic only when needed by your system. 

The PS can use the PMBUS to access the POWER controllers and power-off the PL power supplies (VCCINT, VCCBRAM, VCCAUX, VADJ and VCC2v5_PL). 

The problem is that on the ZC702, VCCAUX is connected to VCC1v8 which provides power to U65 which outputs the PS_CLK.

If VCCAUX is set to 0 (sending the appropriate command to U32 over the PMBUS) then VCC1v8 also goes to 0, PS_CLK disappears and the PS loses functionality.


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