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AMS101 - Information on establishing a connection to the GUI


The AMS101 Evaluation Card is used together with a base board (such as the ZC702) and the AMS101 Evaluator GUI to facilitate easy evaluation of key performance metrics of the XADC and AMS technology.


Description of the connection to the AMS101 Evaluator GUI:

The following process takes place in the GUI software when selecting the GUI "Connect" button:

1. Confirmation of connection to the COM port number (COM4, for example). If a valid COM port is not selected using the "Connection Manager" pull-down menu, then the following error message will be immediately displayed.

This is entirely PC related. If a valid COM port (as shown in the Device Manager) is selected, then this message should not be displayed and the "Connect" button indicator should turn on (green). You can confirm this by typing in a COM port number that does not exist on the PC.
If the needed COM ports are present in the Device Manager prior to starting the GUI application, then all valid COM ports should be shown in the pull-down menu - a refresh should not be needed.

2. If a valid COM port connection is established as described in #1 above, then the Design Version Register is read by sending the read command "R 0000".

3. Confirmation that a valid response to this command (data terminated with a line feed) is received. If not, then the following error message will be displayed after ~3 seconds.

4. If a valid response to the Design Version Register read command is received as described in step 3, then the 16-bit data word is evaluated to determine the design version and the device family. Both will be displayed in the "Connection Manager" window and the "Connected" indicator will turn on (green).

If an error does occur during this Connection process, the "Debug" tab in the GUI may provide other useful information.

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