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Zynq-7000 - 14.1/14.2 Xilinx QSPI programming tools (SDK and iMPACT) supports external loopback capable designs


The 14.1/14.2 Xilinx programming tools support target Zynq-7000 solutions capable of running a clock frequency greater than FQSPICLK2 (>40MHz, see DS187) with the Quad-SPI external loopback feature.

Boards that have loading on MIO[8] to support other features are not guaranteed to meet the data sheet specification to run at >FQSPICLK2 frequency (refer to the Zynq Technical Reference Manual for details), and can potentially experience failures with 14.1/14.2 iMPACT or SDK QSPI programming.


The 14.3 Xilinx QSPI programming tools (SDK and iMPACT) will support solutions that operate with and without the external loopback feature.

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AR# 51235
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