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ZC702 - PG signal does not assert by default


The PG signal does not assert by default on early ZC702 boards. To be FMC compliant, the PG signal must be asserted when power rails are good.


To resolve this issue, the firmware in the ZC702 TI controllers should be updated. The TI Firmware update process takes no more than five minutes to complete. Use a TI USB pod (USB Interface Adapter EVM) and the TI Manufacturing GUI to update firmware in the ZC702 TI controllers, as follows:

  1. Download the latest TI Manufacturing GUI from:
  2. Connect the TI USB pod to J59 and power on the ZC702 board.
  3. Extract the provided ZIP file at the end of this answer record.
  4. From the Load Script tab, click the Browse button and open the file: ZC702_TI_XML_R3_VADJ2V5\Manufacturing Script Solution\Scripts\ZC702_Rev1_0_TI_Addr52_53_54_r3.xml

  5. After opening the script, click the LOAD button

  6. When loaded, the GUI will switch to the Run Script tab. Enter a unique operator ID in the operator field (lower left) and click the "Save" button. Then, click the big "Start" button. If prompted to provide an EVM serial number, leave the setting at the default of "5000" and click OK.

  7. The Power Manufacting tool will now begin executing the script on the board.  Near the end of the process, a prompt will appear to power cycle the board

  8. When this banner appears, power off the board and wait for approximately 10 seconds. Then, power the board back on and wait for approximately 10 seconds. Then, click the OK button. The programming process should now complete.

NOTE: If there a problem reading back the reference voltages after power cycling the board and a "Manufacturing Failed" message appears in the GUI, try power cycling the board again and re-run the script beginning with step 6 above. The process should complete successfully the second time.

If needed, TI USB Interface Adapter EVMs are available at:


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