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ZC702 - Temporary Deviation of QSPI PROM Devices on Revision 1.0 Evaluation Boards


What are the differences in the QSPI PROM devices on the ZC702 evaluation boards


The ZC702 Revision 1.0 evaluation board's BOM states that the boards are to be populated with a Micron "Top Boot" QSPI device (model N25Q128A11ESF40).  The initial release of the ZC702 Revision 1.0 evaluation boards are actually populated with a Micron "Bottom Boot" QSPI device (model N25Q128A11BSF40) as the bottom boot QSPI devices are a Temporary Deviation to ZC702 Rev 1.0 Bill of Materials (BOM)
All of the Xilinx reference designs and tutorials work correctly with either PROM device.
However, customers developing their own custom designs that access the QSPI device for ZC702 Revision 1.0 should be aware that there may be subtle usage differences between the two devices and should consult the appropriate Micron data sheet(s) and/or user guide(s) for additional details.
Here is how to visually identify what device is populated on a ZC702 Rev 1.0 board:
ZC702 Revision 1.0 boards populated with the "Bottom Boot" device are denoted by the "D" string at the end the serial label on the Top side of the board as shown below, S/N 1224-828 D :

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