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Xilinx Power Solution center - Design & Debug Assistant


Learn more about Power requirements when using Xilinx devices or to find help on debugging an issue related to Xilinx devices power you are currently encountering. 

The Design Assistant will walk you through the recommended design requirements for power requirements for Xilinx devices while debugging commonly encountered issues. 

The Power Design assistant will not only provide useful power requirement information but also point you in the exact documentation you need to read to help you design efficiency with respect to Xilinx devices power.

Note: The article is part of Power Solution Center. 

The Power solution center for Xilinx Devices available to address questions related to Power.

When you are starting new design with any Xilinx devices or trouble shooting any power related problems , then this Power solution center guide you and simplify work.


Unlike ASIC, in FPGA everything (IP cores, logic, IO standard, drive strength etc. all) is programmable.

So we are not able to publish power consumption in our documents because it is mostly dependent on the user design (Code) rather than the device part number.

However, to estimate the power in your FPGA Xilinx provides a complete solution that encompasses power estimators (XPE-Xilinx Power Estimator) and analyzers (XPA-Xilinx Power Analyzer), and power-driven implementation tool algorithms.

Please see (Xilinx Answer 57775) for more details to answer the below queries.

1. Why is the power consumption of FPGAs not published in Xilinx documents?
2. How can I determine the power consumption of an FPGA device?
3. How can I estimate the junction temperature of my design in FPGA?

Power tools (Vivado-Report Power) Design/Debug Assistant:

(Xilinx Answer 62437) 2014.3 Vivado Power - Does 'set_switching_activity) -signal_rate' impact the glitch power analysis?
(Xilinx Answer 61290) 2014.2 Vivado Power Analysis - What impacts the results of the dynamic power estimation from report_power?
(Xilinx Answer 61291) 2014.2 Vivado Power Analysis - What impacts the results of the static power estimation from report_power?
(Xilinx Answer 61292) 2014.2 Vivado Power Analysis - How do I get more accurate estimation from XPE for GTs?
(Xilinx Answer 60809) 2014.1 Power - Why is the Combinatorial Logic Toggle Rate at 100% from .xpe flow?
(Xilinx Answer 55595) 2013.x Vivado Power Analysis - How do I generate SAIF for accurate Power Analysis?
(Xilinx Answer 59146) 2013.4 Vivado Power - Combinatorial Toggle rate appears incorrect vs. the Report_Power results
(Xilinx Answer 59456) 2013.4 Vivado Power - What is the deviation between dynamic power analysis and the actual silicon measurements?
(Xilinx Answer 58768) 2013.3 Vivado Power - Connectivity of ENARDEN and ENBWREN incorrectly changed by Power Opt
(Xilinx Answer 58348) 2013.3 Vivado - Power optimization incorrectly removes active signal on ENARDEN pin of RAMB36E1 and grounds the pin
(Xilinx Answer 56747) 2013.2 How do I disable BRAM power optimization in Vivado ?
(Xilinx Answer 57871) 2013.x Vivado Power Analysis - Do I need set_input_delay constraints?
(Xilinx Answer 53544) 2012.4 Vivado Power Analysis - How do I simulate for accurate Power Analysis?
(Xilinx Answer 52632) 2012.3 Vivado Simulator - How to generate a .saif file for power analysis in Vivado Simulator

Power tools (XPE/XPA/Web Power) Design/Debug Assistant:

(Xilinx Answer 51902) 14.x Power Analysis (XPA) - Zynq-7000 - How do I do power analysis for the PS of Zynq?
(Xilinx Answer 53194) 14.3 XPE Xilinx Power Estimator - Is it supported in Excel 2010?
(Xilinx Answer 45072) 13.3 Implementation Tools - MAP might not complete successfully if power optimization option is used
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(Xilinx Answer 41241) XPE - Total on-chip power is not equal to the sum of all power supplies
(Xilinx Answer 40990) 13.1 XPA - How do you create a SAIF file from NCSIM?
(Xilinx Answer 36960) XPE - How to calculate the possible maximum power consumption?
(Xilinx Answer 36742) 12.x XPA - What are the signal and toggle rates?
(Xilinx Answer 36252) 14.x XPower Analyzer (XPA) - "WARNING:POWER:1369/1338 was not found through timing constraints (PCF file) or simulation data"
(Xilinx Answer 33458) XPE Virtex-5 FPGA FXT - Why is there such a huge variation between typical and maximum process?
(Xilinx Answer 22932) XPower Estimator - How do I enable macros in Excel
(Xilinx Answer 22922) XPower Estimator (XPE) - How do I enable /edit the values in the spreadsheet
(Xilinx Answer 20510) XPower - What does Vtt in the XPower report mean?
(Xilinx Answer 19906) 6.3i XPower - How do I import data from the Web Power Estimator worksheet (Worksheet Output Files)?
(Xilinx Answer 19012) 8.1i XPower - Alternative to reducing VCD file size (VCD2XAD)
(Xilinx Answer 17488) 6.1i XPower CPLD - Estimate Activity Rates process may fail if inputs set to 0 MHz
(Xilinx Answer 17477) 6.1i - XPower crashes (Fatal Error) when processing a VCD file
(Xilinx Answer 17450) 6.2i XPower - XPower does not support spaces in the file path: "ERROR:Portability:90"
(Xilinx Answer 13555) 7.1 i XPOWER- Warning : Power:163,164...identifier code is already in use..

Device power related Design/Debug Assistant:

(Xilinx Answer 22630) XPower CPLD CoolRunner-II - How do I estimate the power of automotive grade CoolRunner-II devices?
(Xilinx Answer 17805) XPower - How do I reduce power in a design?
(Xilinx Answer 15492) 14.x XPA - General tips on reducing VCD file size using ModelSim

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