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Xilinx Evaluation Kits - Board becomes non-operational when TI USB Interface EVM is attached


If I attach the Texas Instruments USB Interface EVM cable to my Xilinx Evaluation Kit, the board becomes non-operational. Symptoms include LEDs turning off.

What could be the problem?


This behavior suggests that the firmware version needs to be updated; it is driving the PMBUS_CTRL line low. This results in the controllers turning off their regulators when the USB Interface EVM is plugged into your base board.

If the board power system does not come on when you plug the TI USB Interface EVM adapter onto the board and turn on the board power (only the 12V LED is on), then the firmware in the TI USB Interface EVM adapter needs to be updated.

Download the firmware version 1.0.14 (attached below), then with the TI USB Interface EVM adapter plugged into your PC (with its green LED on), perform the update operation:

At the task bar Start button, go to All Programs -> Texas Instruments Fusion Digital Power Designer > Tools > USB Adapter Firmware Download Tool.


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AR# 55805
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