AR# 56516


Zynq-7000 SOC ZC702 Evaluation Kit - Use of Monitors that do not support 1080p / 720p video resolutions with Zynq Base TRD


For the 14.5 and later release of the Zynq-7000 Base TRD, a display EDID check has been added to ensure customers use a display with resolution supported by the TRD (1080p or 720p).

If a customer is using a display that is not 1080p or 720p but still believes the design will display as intended, they can disable the Display EDID check in the Zynq Base TRD.


To disable the Display EDID Check for the Zynq Base TRD, the device tree source needs to be changed.

To change the device tree source:

a) Switch to the kernel source directory and open the device tree source:

b) In the device tree, find the EDID section and set the preferred video mode to 0:

edid {
preferred-videomode = <0>;

c) Save the current changes and rebuild the sources.

For detailed description Refer to  Appendix , EDID Extended display identification data section mentioned on the Zynq Base TRD wiki page.

AR# 56516
Date 05/28/2018
Status Active
Type General Article
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