AR# 60702


Design Advisory for AC701 and ZC706 Power Modules Issue


A possible power module failure has been discovered,& related to power modules used on the ZC706 and AC701 Evaluation Kits.

Power related issues might be experienced on 1% of ZC706 and AC701 Evaluation Kits.


This issue might manifest itself after certain ZC706 and AC701 Kits pass production tests and could potentially affect 1% of boards received by customers.

Symptoms would include problems with power on the board (power LEDs not lit, power rails not coming up correctly, JTAG access issues related to power) which can be traced back to the power modules on the board.

Corrective action has been taken, however there might be ZC706 and AC701 boards in the field that experience symptoms (boards with a date code earlier than 2014).

If a ZC706 or AC701 fails in this way, and it can be determined using the TI tools GUI and cable that these specific power modules on the board are the root cause, then an RMA will be granted to the customer even if the 90 day warranty period has lapsed.

For suspected power issues on AC701 / ZC706 related to the power modules:

  • Create an RMA request in the Service Portal regardless of RMA period.

  • Reference the AC701 or ZC706 issue (as well as this Answer Record number) if suspected.

  • Work with Xilinx Technical Support through the resulting Webcase to narrow down the issue to the specific AC701 or ZC706 power module using the TI power tools.

Revision History:

16/05/2014 - Initial Release

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AR# 60702
Date 05/22/2018
Status Active
Type Design Advisory
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