AR# 62391


Vivado - Can I save the navigable XML based timing report in Vivado like the TWX file in ISE


A navigable timing report (TWX) file is a saved XML timing report created with the trce command or with Timing Analyzer.  

For FPGA designs, opening a TWX file displays paths and instances as hyperlinks.

You can cross probe from Timing Analyzer to Technology Viewer or Floorplan-Implemented view by clicking a path or instance in an open TWX file.

Can I save a similar timing report in Vivado?


From 2014.3,  Vivado can generate an XML timing report RPX file with the -rpx option of report_timing_summary and report_timing command.

The RPX file is an interactive report that contains all of the report information and can be reloaded into memory in Vivado Design Suite using the open_report command.

User can also save the RPX file in the timing TAB in the GUI by clicking the "Save report" button.



AR# 62391
Date 02/17/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
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