AR# 63871


SDK - Memory Accesses in XSDB Fails with the Error “Invalid address – it can hang PS interconnect"


When accessing a valid memory region through XSDB, the following error message is generated:

Invalid address 0xf8008000 - it can hang PS interconnect


This error message occurs because the HW Server blocks transactions to unknown memory regions.

When XSDB is connected to a running target (either using GUI mode or from the console) there is no HDF file associated, so "loadhw" can be used to define all of the available memory regions.

****** Xilinx Software Commandline Tool (XSCT) v2018.2
  **** Build date : Jun 14 2018-20:18:43
    ** Copyright 1986-2018 Xilinx, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

xsct% connect -url
xsct% target 2
xsct% mrd 0xf8008000
Memory read error at 0xF8008000. Invalid address 0xf8008000 - it can hang PS interconnect
xsct% loadhw ZC702_hw_platform/system.hdf
INFO: [Hsi 55-1698] elapsed time for repository loading 1 seconds design_1_i
xsct% mrd 0xf8008000
F8008000:   00000000

Alternatively the "memmap" command can be used to map an ELF file, which will provide access to the memory region defined within the application.

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