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SDK - How to debug a remote target


How can I set up a remote debug in SDK System debugger?


Xilinx SDK allows you to debug remote target devices using the Xilinx Hardware Server in the remote host machine.

Hardware Server

In the remote host machine where the target is connected through JTAG, launch Xilinx hw_server from XSCT console.



Target Connections

Add a new target configuration within the Hardware Server.

Use the Hostname (or IP address), and the port that was used when setting up the Hardware Server in the remote host.


Note: Make sure that the Use Symbol Server box is ticked.

The Advanced Tab can be used to check the available devices in the remote JTAG chain.


Debug Configurations

Create a new Debug Configuration for the application project and ensure that the Connection Tab is been set for the remote Connection Target.


The Debug session will be launched in the same way as is done for a locally connected Target.

AR# 64759
Date 06/08/2018
Status Active
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