AR# 66509


7 Series and UltraScale Kits - Interaction with ADI AD9625-2.5EBZ FMC card


Is the ADI AD9625 FMC daughter card compatible with Xilinx Evaluation Kits when used on the FMC connector?


The ADI FMC daughter card AD9625 places 12V on the C2M power good signal. For this reason, it can cause problems if connected to a Xilinx 7 Series or UltraScale Kit.

In the case of the KCU105, this can damage the board and the KCU105 will not work.

In the case of the VC707, a different scheme is used to read the power good signal. If you read back from the part, you would know it is damaged.

Using this ADI card with 7 Series or UltraScale Kits will damage both the ADI card and the Xilinx carrier card. For that reason, Xilinx advises not to use this FMC card with 7 Series and UltraScale Kits.

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AR# 66509
Date 05/17/2018
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