AR# 67233


2016.1 XPE/Power - Power Estimation for PCIe Gen3x16 & Gen4x8


In XPE 2016.1, I do not see an option for PCIe support in the Managed IP section.

How do I estimate PCIe power in XPE 2016.1?


PCIe Gen3x16 and Gen4x8 support is newly added in added in UltraScale+ devices.

Both Gen3x16 and Gen4x8 support are scheduled to be added to the 'Manage IP' wizard for the XPE 2016.3 release.

The PCIe power modeling is in XPE, but the Manage IP does not support this option.

To manually configure XPE for PCIe, use the following values:

For Gen3x16

  • Number of channels = 16
  • Line Rate = 8Gbps
  • Add Hard block PCIe

For Gen4x8:

  • Number of Channels = 8
  • Line Rate = 16Gbps
  • Add PCIe Hard Block
AR# 67233
Date 05/25/2016
Status Active
Type Release Notes
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