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SDK - XSDB source level debug (Backtrace, Breakpoints..)


Debugging of an application on a remote Hardware Server (either on a remote PC or SmartLynq cable) requires that a symbol server be running on the host in order to use some debugging features such as breakpoints or backtrace. 

Otherwise the System Debugger will not be able to add breakpoints using function names or get source level information when execution is stopped.

xsct% bpadd main()
xsct% Info: Breakpoint 0 status:
   target 2: {At col 4: Undefined identifier main. Invalid expression}

xsct% bt
    0  0xf2fc
    1  0x19c4
    2  0x7944
    3  unknown-pc

For SDK 2018.1 and later, there is a -symbols option for the "connect" command to enable the symbol server in xsct or xsdb.


From SDK 2018.1 onwards, a specific options was included to enable a symbol server when connecting to remote targets (-symbols)

xsct% connect -url :3121 -symbols

In earlier SDK releases you must launch the symbol server manually in an extra command line, and then use the following connect command:

xsct% symbol_server -s tcp::1534
xsct% connect -path [list tcp::1534 tcp::3121]

Using this method, after downloading ELF file or using memmap, all source level debug capabilities will be available.

xsct% bt
    0  0x0 _vector_table(): asm_vectors.S, line 72
    1  0x19c4 main()+516: ../src/main.c, line 511
    2  0x7944 _start()+88: xil-crt0.S, line 142
    3  0x7944 _start()+88: xil-crt0.S, line 142
    4  unknown-pc

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