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Boards Portfolio

Academics and students have wide range of development kits choices. Xilinx University Program (XUP) supports an expanded range of hardware development systems to complement the classroom learning experience with hands-on learning in the laboratory using Xilinx technology. These boards span the range from low-end, cost-effective solutions ideally suited to introductory classes, to the mid-range platforms suitable for teaching and senior projects, and the high-end that very effectively serve the graduate research community, but in addition are extremely suitable to all levels of undergraduate study.

In addition, higher-end Xilinx development kits provide out-of-the box design solutions that significantly cut development time and enhance productivity. Xilinx takes it one step further with Targeted Design Platforms – the industry’s most comprehensive development kits. The kits come complete with evaluation boards, Vivado® Design Suite tools, IP cores, reference designs and FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC) support – so you can begin applications development immediately.

Our partners also offer a variety of development boards that target many areas of interest such as signal processing, networking, supercomputing; as well as entry level and high end research boards.