SiC 3-Level Inverters and Finite-Set MPC for Power Electronics and Electrical Drives

One of the main challenges in power electronics research is the rapid development of new topologies, e.g. modular multilevel converter (MMC). Even if new topologies promise better performance, with an increased number of states and possible switching combinations, they also have an increased computational complexity. Another trend is the development of new control strategies for commonly used topologies. Traditional control concepts, e.g. field-oriented control (FOC), are challenged by more complex control approaches which allow to include new objectives that have been considered secondary in the past. Model predictive control (MPC) allows to operate a converter closer to its physical limits. Depending on the control objective, this could lead to an increase in efficiency, more dynamic step response or the control of additional criteria. Commonly, MPC comes at the cost of a higher computational burden since complex calculations are solved within time intervals of a few microseconds. To ensure real-time capability, this webinar will exemplify how a Zynq SoC or MPSoC enables the implementation of such complex algorithms.

This webinar shows: * Principle of MPC for power electronics

  • MPC for permanent-magnet synchronous machines
  • Zynq®-7000 SoC as enabler for MPC
  • PYNQ and SPYN as interface for MPC
  • MPSoC Zynq®-UltraScale+ for future trends