Accelerator & Developer Programs

With our learning pathways for Accelerator & Developer programs, we're covering two streamlined solutions to learn and grow your skills for a pathway to become a partner, get certifications, training, discounts and more. Click the buttons below to learn more about the Pathways to Partnership.

The Accelerator Program

The AMD Accelerator program is a quick start program enabling companies to rapidly build & deploy full-stack data center solutions across all verticals, using AMD software and hardware platforms, in the cloud or on-premise. This program also gives you access to resources necessary to build your applications successfully on all AMD platforms.

Developer Program

Join our free program to get access to the latest AMD development tools to accelerate your applications in various areas! Access free training, discounts, demos, and example designs, and on-demand developer technical sessions from AMD developer events. The program also enables you to share your technical insights and projects with the Developer Program community!