Adaptive Computing Partner Program

The Adaptive Computing Partner Program encompasses a rich set of design service members with strong and unique product design expertise across a wide spectrum of markets and applications. Design service members work closely with system developers by offering a variety of services at all stages of product design and production. Design service members help accelerate product development cycle, reduce risk, and optimize system implementation for better cost, performance, and power.

AMD offers options for partners to further differentiate themselves through our Premier and Certified programs which include technical support, company technical certification and Vivado ML Developer tools training to maximize results for designs using AMD Adaptive Computing solutions.

Premier Members

Premier Members represent the highest level of qualification and commitment to robust quality, business, and technical processes. Premier Members have been qualified through an extensive company audit, receive prioritized technical support, early access to new technologies, maintain current AMD technical certification, and are committed to a high level of collaborations with AMD.

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Certified Members

Certified members complete and maintain current AMD technical certification to qualify for Certified member status. Certified partners have engineers who are well trained on AMD Adaptive Computing technology.

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All Members
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