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Adaptive Computing

Accessible to Many Developers

Software Developers

Harness the Power of Adaptive Computing – No Hardware Experience Required

Explore Pre-built Applications

Explore Pre-built Applications

Explore pre-built applications for Alveo data center accelerator cards and Kria SOMs.

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Build your own Applications

Build your own applications using Vitis accelerated libraries.

Vitis Libraries
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Get more Developer information

Check out our broad array of developer resources to get your project started quickly.

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AI Developers

Implement Efficient AI Inference Applications from Familiar Tools and Frameworks

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Optimized IP, Tools, Libraries, Models, and Example Designs with Vitis AI

The Vitis™ AI development environment is  AMD development platform for AI inference on AMD hardware platforms, including both edge devices and Alveo™ cards. It consists of optimized IP, tools, libraries, models, and example designs. It is designed with high efficiency and ease-of-use in mind, unleashing the full potential of AI acceleration on AMD FPGA and ACAP. 

HW-Aware Software Developers

Create Highly-Optimized Applications with Vitis Software Platform

Unified Programming for Edge, Cloud, and Hybrid Acceleration

The Vitis unified software platform enables the development of embedded software and accelerated applications on heterogeneous AMD platforms including FPGAs, SoCs, and Versal ACAPs. It provides a unified programming model for accelerating Edge, Cloud, and Hybrid computing applications.

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Hardware Developers

Best-in-Class Development with Vivado

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Vivado Design Suite – Productivity Multiplied

A SoC-strength, IP-centric and system-centric, next-generation development environment that has been built from the ground up to address the productivity bottlenecks in system-level integration and implementation.