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Kria KD240 Drives Starter Kit

Simplify DSP Development with a Scalable, Power-Efficient SOM

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Adaptive Computing in Electric Drives

Learn why adaptive System-on-Modules (SOMs) are the perfect compute platform for next-generation electric drives



Evaluate with the Kria Drives Starter Kit

Experience deterministic motor control and real-time data acquisition using the Kria™ Drives Starter Kit


Develop Using the Vitis Motor Control Library

Leverage pre-built accelerated applications as a starting point and utilize the Vitis™ Motor Control Library, Python, and the MATLAB® Simulink® environment to build power-efficient DSP solutions


Deploy with a Production SOM

The path to production has never been easier—move your validated application to a production-ready Kria K24 SOM with all the needed design resources and online support


 Resources to Get Started

Learn more about the Kria K24 SOM, KD240 Drives Starter Kit, and associated design flows via a white paper, the getting started guide, and community projects


KD240 Starter Kit for an “Instant-On” Industrial IoT Drives Experience


The KD240 Drives Starter Kit integrates industrial motor control & inverters, communications, and data analytics, and simplifies DSP development with a scalable, power-efficient SOM. Designed for electric drives, the KD240 Starter Kit is the fastest way to develop intelligent factory solutions for production volume deployment with the K24 SOM.

Kria App Store

Achieve embedded design simplicity for drives applications with production-grade accelerated applications targeting the Kria™ K24 SOM and KD240 Drives Starter Kit. Explore this new paradigm for software-based design while maintaining FPGA performance benefits and system-level flexibility for edge applications.



Gives users the ability to develop, model, simulate, deploy, and verify designs on AMD FPGAs, SoCs, Zynq™ RFSoCs, and Versal™ devices.


Vitis™ Model Composer

Model-based tool within the MathWorks MATLAB® and Simulink® environment that speeds up your development and algorithm validation.


Vitis Motor Control Library

Open-source library written in C/C++ for accelerating development of motor control applications. The library covers four algorithm-level L1 APIs, including Field Oriented Control, Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), Space Vector PWM, PWM Generator, and Quadrature Encoder Interface.


Open-source productivity framework built with Python, Jupyter, and a huge ecosystem of associated libraries. Increases the productivity of software and hardware engineers by using the Zynq family of devices to build more capable and intelligent systems.

Deploy with the Kria K24 SOM


The path to production has never been easier. Developers get access to all the design source files of the KD240 carrier card, a custom accelerated application development guide, and a production-ready K24 SOM offered in Commercial and Industrial grades featuring a custom-built Zynq™ UltraScale+™ MPSoC device in a small form factor.



Achieving Embedded Design Simplicity with Kria™ SOMs

Learn how new software solutions coupled with Kria™ SOMs and a ROS 2 development approach give roboticists the capability to create custom, deterministic, secure, and faster compute architectures to commercialize their robotic systems.


Step-by-Step Guide to Get Up and Running

The KD240 Drives Starter Kit delivers a simplified development experience, enabling a quick and easy workflow for embedded SW developers and control system architects to build their applications on adaptive hardware.

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