FMC XM101 LVDS QSE Mezzanine Card

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Product Description

The FMC XM101 LVDS QSE Card is designed to provide access to the LVDS pin pairs on the FMC connector found on Xilinx FMC-supported boards including the SP601,SP605 and ML605. The FMC XM101 LVDS QSE Card provides a number of QSE headers and connectors which break out FPGA interface signals to and from the FMC HPC signal set.

The FMC HPC signals are connected as length matched pairs to the QSE connectors. XM101 board users may loop back these pairs using the kit Samtec loopback cable, or create their own unique mezzanine board to plug onto the QSE connectors. Two Silicon Laboratories Si570 serial IIC bus re-programmable LVDS clock chips are available. The Si570 components are connected to an IIC bus switch. The bus switch component connects to the main IIC bus implemented in the FMC HPC interface, enabling the board’s FPGA to program the clock circuitry on the XM101. A 2-Kb serial IIC EEPROM is also connected to the IIC interface of the board, providing non-volatile storage.

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