SmartLynq Data Cable


Product Description

SmartLynq is a high performance JTAG cable for high-speed FPGA and flash programming, hardware and software debug, performance analysis, and event trace. 

This cable delivers:

  • Up to 40Mbps throughput
  • Ethernet host connection for remote access
  • USB 2.0 host connection
  • Faster embedded software debugging
  • Support for Linux and Hypervisor aware debugging
  • 8 GPIO for additional debug signals

The SmartLynq Data Cable is backward compatible with the Platform Cable USB II through a standard PC4 JTAG header connection to the target board. It provides higher throughput than previous generation cables, allowing for faster programming and debug. It is compatible with the Vivado® Design Suite, Labtools, and Xilinx Software Development Kit.

Driver Installation Instructions

Comparison Metric Platform Cable USB II SmartLynq Data Cable
Device Programming and Hardware Debug Y Y
Basic Software Debug Y Y
OS / Hypervisor Aware Debug N Y
Remote Access/Debug Capability N Y
USB 2.0 Host Interface Y Y
10/100/1000 Ethernet Host Interface N Y
Default Bitstream Programming Speed (MB/s) 0.4 4
JTAG Max Clock Speed (MHz) 12 40
Connection to Target via PC4 JTAG or Flying Leads (provided) Y Y
GPIO Available with Flying Leads Cable (provided) N Y
Hardware Server Application On Host Local to Cable
What's Inside
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